A large population benefits from building a bridge on Sunwaha-Sultanganj road

Due to the bridge being low, the scenario of the jam was usually made

Begumganj The bridge, constructed at a value of over three crore on the Bebas River below the Sultanganj Sunwaha route within the space, turned operational for site visitors after a lengthy wait. Approximately 30 to 35 thousand population will get higher services for commuting on this route, about 18 km lengthy. Because most individuals of this road space attain Begumganj for tehsil, hospital, market and different necessary works. But individuals used to face a lot of issues within the rain.

Due to the bridge being low, the scenario of the jam was usually made
In truth, because of the bridge being lowered on the river Bebas, it was usually a jam. Last yr additionally this route has been closed nearly every day. Former Public Works Minister Rampal Singh Rajput authorised this bridge three years in the past and gave a massive reward to the individuals. Now, this bridge has turn into the medium of transport for the individuals of the realm. Rural Jagannath Singh Yadav, Balram Singh Thakur, Virendra Singh, Beni Prasad Sharma, Prahlad Singh, Shivraj Singh and so on. have expressed their gratitude to the regional MLA.

– The building of the bridge is nearly full, asphaltization has been finished on it, which will probably be finished after the wet season, however retaining in view the comfort of the individuals, the work has been began for the motion of the work on the bridge.
Santosh Rai, Contractor.
If there was no lockdown then the development of this bridge would have been accomplished a lot earlier. Despite this, retaining the comfort of the general public, the bridge has been began for site visitors by doing earth work.
RP Srivastava, SDO, Public Works Department.

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