Bandwaj heard the tune of unemployment to the administration

Ujjain News: Ever since the lockdown passed off, the bandeauja’s voice has deteriorated. His enterprise band rang from 22 March.

Ujjain. Ever since the lockdown passed off, the bandeauger’s voice deteriorated. His enterprise band rang from 22 March. During the Corona transition, from shehnai gamers to trolley pullers, groomsmen carrying ajugi lights, generator bangers are additionally sitting at dwelling. Now when the standing of unlock was created, retailers opened up in the metropolis, even marriages began, however the enterprise of the band gamers continues to be stagnant. Finally, exhausted, these individuals reached the administration and heard the tune of their unemployment.

Arif Hussain of New Ram Darbar Band together with different band operators reached Kothi to submit their memorandum of demand. He stated that every one the band operators have been sitting businessless since 22 March. Our enterprise is totally shut down due to the lockdown due to Corona epidemic. He stated that our enterprise is seasonal. Our enterprise runs in the final funeral procession other than spiritual and Mangalik applications. As our enterprise season was about to start, all of a sudden Corona arrived and our enterprise was hit by an epidemic. Now we’ve got come to you with this request to enable our band enterprise as per the guidelines, identical to 50 individuals are allowed for marriage, equally 8 to 10 individuals are allowed for band devices. Go

Two thousand individuals affected by this enterprise
Around 25 band operators have talked about in the utility that our subordinate employees, together with workers, artisans, that are about 2 thousand individuals, are struggling to survive due to the closure of this enterprise. It is close to demise to starve.

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