Digvijay Singh shared video of VHP leader’s murder, said …

Direct goal on the state authorities, said that no advantage and crime is tolerated

Bhopal. Sharing the video of the killing of Vishwa Hindu Parishad chief in Hoshangabad district on Friday, former CM Digvijay Singh said that brazenly killing Vishwakarma in Pipariya. MP Police must take strict motion to cease the rising crime. This sort of advantage and crime can’t be tolerated. He has additionally shared the video of reside homicide on his social media account.

In reality, Lathi, rod and bullet had been fired on the Gosewa chief in broad daylight on the center street in Pipariya ….. On the second day of the incident SP Santosh Singh Gaur has introduced a reward of one lakh rupees on the accused. A reward of 10-10 thousand rupees has been declared on every accused. Later, when a video of the incident went viral. In this video of about 1 minute four seconds, it’s seen how the accused rained Ravi’s automobile and killed him whereas firing from the gun.

This was the incident
On June 26, Munna Gurjar, Nittu clan and his companions surrounded Rathi Vishwakarma, a resident of Rajiv Gandhi ward, with lathi-poles and fired at them from the railway underbridge below Pipariya Station Road Police Station. On the report of Amit, brother of the deceased, the police have dedicated homicide case towards accused Nittu alias Nitesh dynasty, Munna Gurjar, Sanju alias Sanjay Patel, Ajit Patel, Rahul Patel, Abi Tiwari, Abhishek Chaurasia, Kallu Mehra, Nitin Silavat, Rajendra alias Rajju Purviya Entered.

This video went viral …


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