#hair tips: Desi women taking care of hair in rain, ladies and girls adopting domestic medicines

#hair ideas: Desi women taking care of hair in rain, ladies and girls adopting domestic medicines

Jabalpur. People have discovered to make use of domestic and efficient medicines in parlors, hair salons, which had been closed for 3 months in lockdown. Grandma Nani’s recipes had been used essentially the most, with superb outcomes. Now these prescriptions and house treatments have changed costly remedy. Ladies try these identical house treatments to take care of all the issues, from hair fall to shine in the rain. Makeup and hair specialist Reena Singh Baghel is giving some comparable house ideas.

Lockdown and corona result in elevated house treatments in hair care

Life will come on lifeless hair
During the wet season, the clouds of hassle fall on the hair. Hair turns into lifeless. It will increase the issue of hair fall with dandruff. Actually, sticky daylight causes perspiration and will increase the moisture in the scalp. The pores of the scalp open extra, which causes perspiration and weakening of the hair roots. Because there may be moisture on the higher pores and skin of the top, the danger of hair fall is elevated. Mild itching happens. Scrubbing the bar will increase the issue and causes hair fall. Every head of the top undergoes a course of of development referred to as ‘anagen’.


Home home equipment

– First of all, wash hair repeatedly. You ought to wash your hair two to a few instances each week.

– Most importantly, preserve in thoughts the choice of shampoos. Your shampoo needs to be gentle and pure or you should use child shampoo in order for you.

Hair care

Grind mint and mint and add coconut oil to it and apply to the roots of the hair, it makes the roots robust.

– Jason flower – Grind the flower of Jason and apply it to the hair roots to cease hair fall.

Aloe vera- Applying Aloe vera with a capsule of vitamin-E provides shine to the hair.

Guava- Applying guava on it makes hair shine.

Applying banana-banana paste after mixing it with T-tree oil makes it a hair spa.

Remove dandruff

Just a few drops of mustard oil combined with lemon juice is used to take away dandruff.

Take two eggs and combine two teaspoons of flaxseed oil in it, then after placing it in the roots of the top and hair for about an hour, wash the hair with lukewarm water.


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