How to take care of yourself at home in this crisis of Corona epidemic, know from Chanakya policy


Chanakya Niti in Hindi: The complete world is nervous about CoronaVirus. Every nation is continually attempting to cease it. In this time of crisis, everyone seems to be being suggested to hold himself wholesome. At this time consciousness and vigilance are most wanted. Today your entire nation has been locked down due to Corona epidemic. In such a state of affairs, you may take care of your well being by adopting the following tips of Chanakya sitting at home.

– In right now’s period, the place the realized are telling the significance of Giloy. So proper there, Chanakya informed about its specialty many centuries in the past. According to Chanakya, in every kind of medicines, gueroy is predominant. Therefore, an individual ought to devour it to hold himself wholesome.

Chanakya has stated in one of his insurance policies that floor meals is ten instances nutritious than standing grain. Milk is ten instances nutritious than floor meals. Mother is extra nutritious than milk and ghee is many instances extra nutritious than meat. Therefore, to reside a wholesome life, these 4 issues should be consumed.

All of them know that wholesome is the one who retains himself match. Do not let your weight acquire. Weight acquire is the most important downside right now. Obesity brings many ailments in the physique. Chanakya has acknowledged in his policy that which meals will increase weight and which meals takes energy. Chanakya says that illness is aggravated by consuming herb and consuming milk makes the physique. Eating ghee will increase semen and consuming meat will increase meat. So drink lots of milk to construct your physique. To enhance masculine energy, devour ghee and eat meat to enhance fats in the physique. But if meat is already sufficient in the physique, then it might be higher not to devour it.

In right now’s time, it’s as essential to be bodily wholesome as it’s equally essential to be mentally wholesome. According to a pair of Chanakya policy, the time of clever and realized folks goes in the context of playing in the morning, in the afternoon in the feminine context, and in the dialogue of the thief in Rach. This means the story of playing is Mahabharata. The story of the feminine affair in the afternoon refers to the recitation of the Ramayana in which Sita’s saga from starting to finish is mirrored. The incident of the thief at evening means telling and listening to the story of Shri Krishna i.e. Shrimad Bhagavata. Reading these three spiritual books retains the thoughts and thoughts calm.

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