‘I ran after the brother with a knife …’, Anurag Kashyap told the story, also explained the reason


Anurag Kashyap: Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap is understood for his darkish making and movies. However, in his actual life he’s fairly a laughing man. Anurag says that he was very devilish and naughty in his childhood. Anurag says that he was a very playful youngster.

Anurag told Nilesh Mishra’s internet chat present that after one thing occurred that he ran after his brother with a knife. Anurag told- “I used to be very fickle, I used to maintain doing one thing in myself, my brother was damaging – he used to interrupt the radio and perceive the way it works. His thoughts used to go there (Abhinav Kashyap). I used to battle a lot with Abhinav. I ran with the knife as soon as. kill you….’

Anurag says- ‘Abhinav is 2 years youthful than me. Now I’ve a good relationship with him. He stays entangled in his issues, offers with me. He is writing and making movies. Our viewpoints are very completely different. We nonetheless used to battle. He sees the cinema in a different way, I see it in a different way. Then my father used to come back in the center, he used to say – you do it, you do it. Both needed to vary one another’s cinema. ‘

Anurag speaks about nepotism that – ‘Father has saved it in our home that brother shouldn’t let me make a movie with me. Sister Anubhuti is to not be allowed to work with me. His husband is also like this, I mentioned your movie, I don’t produce, he says he’ll mechanically come to you to not come to you. You simply learn and inform how the script was. She will go to another person, however is not going to come to me. ‘

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