Memories: A town that is not dead, still alive in people’s hearts

Harsud town was drowned on 30 June 2004, persons are still lacking on social media…

Bhopal. Sometimes folks from far and large used to really feel the local weather of this metropolis. No one can perceive the ache of those that lived a relaxed life right here. Today they’re evicted, however they’ve saved their metropolis alive in their chests, hearts, reminiscences and pictures. In this metropolis, somebody had a childhood, somebody celebrated the enjoyment of delivery. Many folks reached the nation and overseas by studying and writing. The 700-year-old metropolis has now disappeared from the map. The metropolis was fully submerged on 30 June 2004.


The displaced folks of Harsud say that regardless that town has died in the depths of the dam constructed on the river Narmada, its reminiscences are immortal in the hearts, which is able to go on from era to era. Even right now, individuals who grew up in Harsud’s neighborhood bear in mind their town, then there is a sense of ache in their thoughts, their wounds grow to be inexperienced once more.

The statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada River. Whenever there is point out of dams constructed on the Narmada, individuals who misplaced every part in Harsud shrivel.

Its historical past is 700 years previous
Harsud was inhabited by King Harshavardhana across the 13th century. Harsud remained the capital of the state throughout Harshavardhana’s tenure. Now it has fully submerged in Narmada water.

Harsud town was 200 km from Bhopal
Harsud town was 200 km from Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh. The folks of the town moved to Chhanera, Khirkiya, Harda, Khandwa, Indore and Bhopal. However, the folks right here have been additionally compensated earlier than the displacement. However, it was inadequate.


Displacement of 1.25 million folks
More than 1.25 lakh folks have been evicted from their very own houses earlier than Harsud was submerged. This was Asia’s largest displacement work. Harsud was accompanied by residents of 250 villages. However, 1000’s of its folks have been settled in Chhanera close to Khandwa earlier than it sank. This displacement is thought of the biggest displacement of Asia.

Protests have been held worldwide
Indira Sagar Dam and Sardar Sarovar Dam on Narmada are additionally believed to be accountable for the sinking of Harsud. Due to those dams, town has now disappeared. On 31 January 1989, there was additionally opposition to the development of Sardar Sarovar Dam. In this motion, celebrities similar to Baba Amte, Sundarlal Bahuguna, Shivram Karanth, Swami Agnivesh, Megha Patkar and Shabana Azmi have been additionally against the atmosphere.

It is additionally particular
The new Harsud (Chhanera) was deliberate to settle 5 thousand folks, however solely about 23 hundred households arrived. People have been proven the dream that Chhanera can be settled on the strains of Chandigarh, but when this did not occur then many individuals settled in completely different cities. People have been additionally not given everlasting lease of the home.

Eyes are moist whenever you miss
After Harsud was devastated, the eyes of individuals settled in completely different cities grow to be moist on 30 June. Apart from this, each time there is a point out of dams constructed in the Narmada belt, the previous wounds flip inexperienced. Many elders clarify the geography of previous Harsud to their kids. They inform the story. This time too, on the day of the revealing of the statue of Vallabhbhai Patel on Sardar Sarovar

Saw Harsud with drowning eyes
Arvind Sharma, who lives in Bhopal after being displaced from Harsud, is additionally amongst those that do not wish to overlook their reminiscences. Often they bear in mind the land of their ancestors. He usually shares his childhood reminiscences with Harsud on Facebook. Arvind says that now Harsud was handed over to mom Narmada, however he is not lifeless, still alive in our hearts.

See Arvind Sharma’s Facebook put up right here ….

My pricey Apna Harsud turns 16 right now
Memories left …

Today was the day 16 years in the past. 30 June 2004. When we handed over the beloved waves of Maa Narmada to our beloved metropolis Harsud eternally. Harsud is not solely a childhood meet for us, a faculty of schooling, a way of youth, a relationship of relationships, however wherever we’re right now, wherever we’re, its roots are still in the primary highway, Tekra Mohalla, Kishanpura, Ghosi Mohalla, Gadi, Jean Mohalla, Ram Mandir Road, Kashiv Doctor’s Street, Gandhi Chowk, extends from the civil line to the station. The holy water of Maa Narmada is constantly watered to those roots. Is nurturing. In these fifteen years, that wonderful type of Harsud could not be seen on the earth, however the roots are still alive with liveliness like Amarbel inside.

Nature could have snatched away our invaluable heritage from us, however Harsud’s civilization, tradition, brotherhood, concord, relationships, enthusiasm, zeal, belonging, are still operating in the veins of each Harsud resident with the identical impulse. Used to run fifteen years in the past.

In the goals of each resident of Harsud, even right now the thunder of the clutches of Bawdi, the steps of the banks of the Bodam and the Little Bangs, the bell of the bells of the pagoda on the Shravan Monday, the motion of the tangles, the railroad of the Dol Gyrus, echoed from the Ram temple at precisely 9 o’clock in the night time Aarti’s tone, lahari, primary college, highschool, the best way to the Basti, the silver curtain of lotus talkies, the rise of Dana Baba’s Jai still awakens Harsud’s dream.

Harsud is not submerged, neither destroyed, nor displaced. Harsud is still inhabited by all of us. Is alive Is inexperienced


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