Missing boy’s body found in river bushes

Weeds in the village

Umaria. Niyamat alias Ahad father Sheikh Khalik, a resident of Village Akhadar aged 12 years, drowned in water in the district on June 28 in the Saradha Ghat in Mahanadi bridge located in village Akhadar. Was going however needed to cease the rescue operation because of darkness until sundown. On the morning of June 29, once more the search of the lacking baby was began in the presence of Tehsildar Bilaspur Ashish Chaturvedi beneath the route of Collector Sanjeev Srivastava. The body of 12-year-old Niyamat was trapped in bushes in the river water about 200 meters forward of the ghat, which was found descending shortly after the river water receded. After the Panchnama proceedings, the body was despatched for postmortem by the police. The Tehsildar Bilaspur, together with the family members of the deceased baby, was mourned for this tragic incident and was comforted and in accordance with the provisions of Revenue Book Circular 6-4, the proceedings had been awarded.

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