NSUI demonstrated against CM

Protest against the homicide of NSUI District General Secretary in Mandla

Without. In Mandla, NSUI District General Secretary Sonu Parochia was shot useless by the chief of the Bajrang Dal, protesting against the CM at Gandhi Tirahe led by NSUI District President Narendra Singh Thakur.
The district president mentioned that at any time when BJP authorities involves the state, hooliganism within the state is at its peak and when the scholar chief just isn’t secure then what would be the scenario of frequent folks. State General Secretary Trivendra Singh mentioned that this authorities oppresses the harmless and then again they speak concerning the youth. Anurag Thakur mentioned that the Congress authorities had campaigned to ship the jails beneath tight management over the mafia, however beneath the BJP rule, these mafias get safety, resulting from which crimes are rising. During this, Sunita Jain, Abhishek Bilgaiah, Shubham Thakur, Raja Madhav, Ashish Chaubey, Ashish Thakur, Akash Thakur, Aakar Sahu, Ajay Jat, Ashish Rai, Vikas Rai, Ahsan Abbasi and so on. had been current.

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