Son killed father in ground dispute and hanged dead body from tree

Police has solved the case and arrested the accused son

Amla. A son killed his father as a result of he was not giving land. The son had sown in the sector. The father acquired offended at this. There was a battle between father and son. In this, the son killed his personal father. To conceal the incident, the son hanged the father’s body on a tree in the sector. The case is of village Amni of police station space. The police have solved the case and arrested the accused son.

Taken under consideration
Police in-charge Sunil Lata stated that on 22 June in the village Amni, the body of Parasram father Fagnya Piparanj, age 70 resident, was discovered mendacity on the ground tied to the jamun tree by tying a rope across the neck of a jamun tree. In the investigation prima facie the location of the incident appeared suspicious. On behalf of the informer Durga Piperanj, the merger was established and taken into the investigation.

Court introduced
On June 24, on the highway investigation, the police station in Amla began a case by registering a case in opposition to unknown accused. Lata stated that the investigation was carried out by the Amla police. Krishna Kumar Pipparanj, son of the deceased was questioned in custody on suspicion of persistent enmity. By this, killing the body of his father Parasaram Piperanj, it was accepted to be misguided by tying the body to a jamun tree with a rope. Accused Krishna has been arrested and introduced in court docket.

Accused caught like this
According to the police, there was already a dispute between the father and son over the land. There had been experiences earlier in this matter. Police detained Krishna and questioned him on suspicion. Krishna instructed the entire incident. Told the police that the father was not being given land. He was doing farming himself. I had sown in the sector. On which the father began combating.

Police suspects
In a dispute between the 2, the son toppled his father and beat him to demise with a stick. It is claimed that the body was hung from the tree to cover the incident. The body couldn’t be hanged because of the accused being alone. The accused tied one finish of the rope to the tree. The body remained on the ground. Which made the police suspicious.

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