Sowing started, but fertilizer, seeds and pesticides have not come yet

Due to lack of seeds, farmers are paying extra

Compost seeds and pesticides bought earlier than pattern investigation report
Last 12 months, 2600 metric tons of DAP got here after studies of being non-standard within the fields

Sunil Richaria

Chhatarpur / Harpalpur. The district has obtained 100 mm of rain, by which farmers have began sowing. But there have been no pattern studies of fertilizers and pesticides being bought by means of cooperatives and non-public distributors within the district. In such a state of affairs, after studies of them being non-standard within the fields, could trigger hassle for the farmers. Last 12 months there have been studies of non-standard after consuming 2600 MT of DAP within the fields, but this time the duty of inviting a sampling report earlier than Bovani has not been achieved, taking classes from the losses suffered by farmers final 12 months. In the district, 17 thousand metric tons of fertilizer and 11500 quintal seeds are being bought by means of cooperative and non-public distributors. The pattern investigation report of which can come after the fields are consumed.

Sold compost within the district, but did not get all of the pattern’s investigation report
There is a requirement of 20500 MT of manure within the district. There is demand for 12 thousand metric tons of DAP and eight thousand metric tons of urea. 8842 MT of DAP has been saved within the district on the market by means of cooperative societies and non-public distributors. While inventory of 8962 MT urea has arrived. In this fashion, greater than 17 thousand metric tons of manure has been saved towards the full demand of 20 thousand 500 metric tons. Those who have began promoting by means of non-public sellers and societies. But out of 89 samples of fertilizer collected from the district, solely 11 have been reported. 78 pattern studies are yet to come.

Last 12 months, 6 crore non-standard fertilizers have been consumed within the fields
The state of affairs of lethality in conducting the investigation earlier than the sale of fertilizer is when the pattern check report of 2600 tonne DAP for the rabi season within the district on October 17 final 12 months got here to mild on November 13. Before the report got here, non-standard manure was saved on the market and storage in 7 facilities within the district, from the place the Department of Agriculture had despatched the DAP pattern to Ujjain’s lab for examination. After lab testing, the investigation report got here on 13 November by which the manure was declared non-standard, but 2521 tonnes of manure had already been consumed within the district. Out of 2600 tonnes of batch, solely 78.41 tonnes of manure was left when the sale of this batch was banned. Only 6 million rupees of farmers have been wasted as a result of delay in pattern investigation report. In addition to six crores of manure, the expenditure incurred in seeds, tillage and many others. was additionally wasted.

Seed scarcity, pattern report additionally did not come
There is a requirement of 15 thousand 400 quintal seeds within the district, out of which 11500 have been organized in lieu, but to this point the storage has been solely 7402 quintals. The district is in demand for urad, soybean, millet, maize, jowar, moong, groundnut seeds. Urad has the best demand of 6 thousand quintals, but solely 4500 quintals of urad seeds can be found within the district. Out of which solely 1500 quintal seeds have been distributed to the farmers to this point. In such a state of affairs, as a consequence of non-availability of genuine seeds to farmers, farmers are shopping for unproductive seeds from the market. Above all, we have to pay extra. 105 samples of seeds have been despatched from the district for examination, whose report is yet to come. In such a state of affairs, if studies of those seeds bought by societies and non-public sellers fail, then the farmers are positive to endure loss. Because by then the seed will likely be consumed within the fields. Similarly, 42 samples of pesticides have been despatched from the district, studies are yet to come.

Seeds have to be purchased from the market at an costly value
Due to insufficient amount of seeds to be made out there to the farmers by means of the societies at an inexpensive value, farmers are having to purchase from the market at an costly value. Govind Das Kushwaha, a farmer from Churwari informed that peanut seed is getting costly in Naogaon, so he introduced seeds from Mauranipur in Uttar Pradesh, but he had to purchase the worth of Rs 6000 quintal there, whereas getting the subsidy would have been cheaper. Farmer Hiralal Rackwar informed that urad seeds are costly, as a result of moong seeds are not out there, so they’re sowing peanuts. Peanut seeds have to be bought at an costly value from the service provider. Rammilan Yadav, a farmer of Mahed village informed that seeds are not out there in Harpalpur-Naugaon. Have to purchase costly from the service provider. Farmer Halku Prajapati of Imlia village stated that he’s sowing moong. He informed that purchase any seed at non-public outlets, since final 12 months the worth of seed has elevated by Rs 1000 per quintal. So far, solely urad seeds can be found in societies whereas soybean, groundnut, moong seeds are not out there yet.

Fact file
Price per kilogram
Seed market value official charge
Urad 110 85
Soybean 1209.50
Moong 200 99
Peanut 110 73

Report will come quickly
Manure-seed and pesticide samples have been despatched. Due to the load of pattern assessments on one or two labs of the complete state, the report will get delayed. The seeds are genuine, they are often sown.
Manoj Kashyap, Deputy Director Agriculture

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