The kidnappers of the narrator revealed

Cousin was kidnapped and murdered by Murar 6 years in the past.
Blind homicide and kidnapping revealed after 6 years
Murar police sought remand sought, will convey for cover warrant for questioning

Gwalior The gang who kidnapped him for ransom by calling the narrator on the pretext of the story, 6 years in the past, has additionally uncovered his cousin’s homicide by kidnapping him on the similar traces from Murar. The homicide accused kidnappers have opened a brand new layer of crime in entrance of Bhind police, so now the Murar police will convey these accused on remand. He might be questioned in blind homicide of kidnapping and homicide of pupil. Has began its train. Protection warrant of the accused has been sought from the court docket.
Police stated that Anubhav Sharma 16 was kidnapped and murdered about 6 years earlier than Murar. Anubhav was the son of Nathuram Sharma, a resident of Piparasana village. Dad used to stay with a rented home of Ganeshpura Murar to show him. Anubhav was kidnapped by cousin Manoj Sharma together with maternal uncle’s son Pankaj. Manoj took her residence on the pretext of taking him to the market. Experience was not discovered thereafter. The Murar police had registered a case however couldn’t discover the expertise. After six years, the case file was picked up and saved. Gohad police have arrested Manoj Sharma, Pankaj, Vivek and Karu Gurjar in kidnapping Satyak Sharma, the ransomman, just lately on 17 June from Piparsan village. During the interrogation, the accused revealed that Satish was kidnapped and saved on the hideout in Shatabdipuram. From there, a ransom of 30 lakh was sought from Satish’s father Ramesh Sharma. Also kidnapped Nathuram Sharma’s son Anubhav six years in the past. He was kidnapped and murdered. Then requested Nathuram Sharma 40 lakh rupees in return for the launch of his son.
Murar police will interrogate the revelations
Murar TI Amit Bhadauria informed that the accused might be taken on remand for the disclosure of the abduction and homicide of Anubhav Sharma. Protection warrant might be sought from the court docket for this. The accused might be questioned in the case of blind homicide and kidnapping. Apart from the accused who had been kidnapped and murdered in the expertise, who else was concerned in the interrogation itself.

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