The tradition of the arena should be maintained, take care of your health as well: Ashrafi

On the seventh of Moharram, a procession of the arena comes out yearly. This yr, the tragedy of the Corona epidemic didn’t result in the procession of the arena in response to the administration’s information line. The metropolis senior Qazi Molana Irfan Ahmed Ashrafi Sahab honored the khalifa of the akhara, the sarpanch of the Muslim panchayats, holding the tradition of the akhada at the royal Jama Masjid. Qazi Noman Ahmed Ashrafi, Moharram Committee Chairman Liaquat Hussain Milan, Vamik Sheikh, sarpanch of Momin Tola Panchayat, Mohammad Afzal Khan Prakash, Saeed Khan Ashrafi, Shakir Contractors, and so on. had been current. Qazi Ashrafi Saheb stated on the event that the martyrdom of Imam Hussain paves the method for us to stay with persistence, imaan and to coach kids higher. Shaharkaji stated that as a substitute of giving costly mobiles to kids, we should take care of their health and training.


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