This time Navratri will not be held from next day of Shraddha Paksha….

Ujjain News: This will occur as a consequence of intercalary year, so Chaturmas will be 5 months, not 4.

Ujjain. Every yr on the next day of Shraddha Paksha, Navratri worship begins. And from the institution of the urn, the archana of the primary goddess begins. But this yr it’s not occurring. This time Shraddh will be over as quickly because it ends. Navratri will go forward 20-25 days because of the overdose. This month is taking two months extra.
According to astrologers, that is occurring as a consequence of intercalary year. So this time Chaturmas which is all the time 4 months, this time will be 5 months. After 160 years each the intercalary year and Adhikamas are occurring in a yr. There will be no manglicious capabilities like marriage, mundan, Karna piercing because of the adoption of a quadrant. In this era, fasting and worshiping quick have particular significance. During this, Dev falls asleep. Dev awakens solely after Devuthani Ekadashi.

Shraddh will finish on September 17
Shraddh will finish on September 17 this yr. Adhikamas will begin the next day, which will run until 16 October. Navratri Vrat will be noticed from October 17. There will be Devouthani Ekadashi on 25 November. Also the Chaturmas will finish. Only then will the auspicious work start.

Divine powers are in dormant state
Jyotirvid Pt Anandashankar Vyas stated that Dakshinayan, the south route is named asuri, today the devilish power in Dakshinayan is woke up and the divine powers are in dormant state. Because of which there are not any good works. Devprabodhini Ekadashi will happen on 25 November. To keep away from the unwell results of demoniacal powers in Chaturmas, listening to scriptures, satsang, bhajan-kirtan, discourses, Bhagavata tales is helpful.

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