VIDEO: Dynamite-blown bridge at 12:50 pm, will be heavy!

Contractor’s negligence revealed, compensation directions

Harvest. The slabs of the Katni River Bridge had been blown up at 12:50 pm on Tuesday evening. The staff of Raipur Drilling and Blasting Agency had reached to interrupt this slab. The staff exploded with dynamite and broke the bridge. The district administration had allowed the slab to be damaged from 12:00 am to five:00 am.

Preparations had been finished by Public Works Department, Satu Mandal, contractor and company for breaking the slab of the bridge and the slab was razed by management blasting. In this regard, Superintendent Engineer Public Works Department Setu Mandal Ok Ok Lakse says that there was a delay in breaking the slab attributable to lack of consultants. Now this bridge will be rebuilt inside 1 12 months. The bridge will be constructed by Messrs Ram Sajjan Shukla. Due to the negligence of the contractor behind breaking the slab, the slab has been torn from them.

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