Worship Lord Vishnu on Devshayani Ekadashi, wish will be fulfilled: Panchang

Worship Lord Vishnu on Devshayani Ekadashi, wish will be fulfilled: Panchang

Jabalpur. Shubh Vikram Samvat: 2077, Samvatsar Name: Pramadi, Shake Samvat: 1942, Hijri Samvat: 1441, M.S: Jilkad 0, Ayan: Uttarayan, Season: Summer Season, Mass: Ashadh, Paksha: Shukla Paksha
Date Sunrise to twain 05.29 min Till date Nanda Anukhaka Ekadashi date will proceed, after Bhadra Anukhaka Dwadashi Tithi. Ekadashi Tithi ought to be worshiped totally. They supply youngsters, wealth and earth to the devotee. By worshiping Lord Vishnu on Dwadashi, man at all times wins and turns into revered in the entire world, simply as Kiranmouli is the Sun God.
Yoga – Morning to Sunrise 11.17 min After Siddha Yoga, Siddha Yoga will be utilized. Lord Kartikeya is the Lord of Siddha Yoga whereas Savitri Devi is taken into account the Lord of Sadhya Yoga.
Specific sum- Both Siddha and Sadhya Yoga are thought-about very auspicious. Social and household work are profitable in Siddha Yoga. Sadhya Yoga offers success for mantra siddhi for particular work.
Karan- 06.39 am to dawn Till the title of Vanij will stay, after which the title Vishti will be used. This will be adopted by a Karan named Bava.
Star- 02.33 m midnight to dawn Till Egypt will stay strange Visakha nakshatra, after this tender Maitra will be Anuradha nakshatra. Both Visakha and Anuradha Nakshatra are thought-about auspicious for the manufacture of medication and chemical compounds, medication consumption, surgical procedure and different medical associated works. The identical sannyas, home renunciation, vanaprastha, litigation, beggars and so on. can be executed in Visakha nakshatra.

ekadashi 1 july 2020 vishnu puja vidhi with panchang muhurat


Today’s Muhurta Chaturmas Vrat is auspicious to start out Niyamadi in favorable time.
Best Choices – 05.47 am From 09.07m Till the advantages and the Chaudharia of Amrit respectively. 10.47 am Two to 2 12.28 min Till the fort will be auspicious and two. 03.48 min From: 07.09 min. Till then, there will be fickle and chaughdia of revenue respectively.
Fast / Feast – Devshayani Ekadashi quick Harishayani Ekadashi. Ravinarayan Ekadashi (Orissa). Chaturmas Legislation began. Srivishnu Shanotsav. Pandarpur journey. The reverse chariot (Orissa). Travel regularly Dadamela Ajmer (866th). Moon – 08.55 m from dawn to nighttime. Till the Moon will stay within the zodiac signal of the air component, after that it will enter the Scorpio zodiac signal of the water component.

Bhadra – 06.39 AM Two to 2 05.29 min Till then Bhadra’s residence will stay in Hades. Direction – within the north course. (North-day journey ought to be averted at the moment). Rahu interval – two. Rahu Kaal Vela will stay from 12.28.14 to 02.08.30. During this time, one ought to keep away from doing auspicious actions.
Children born at the moment – comeWe can put the names of youngsters born on the letters (ti, tu, te, so, na). Children born at the moment will be born in ironclad. 08.55m from dawn to nighttime Till the Libra zodiac signal will stay Scorpio. Children born at the moment will be tender from the physique. Generally, his destiny will be round 25 years of age. Their curiosity will be in agriculture. You will stay a bit outspoken and dissatisfied. In such work, folks will be crammed with well-being and wealth. The native born in Libra ought to keep away from being enraged. An individual born in Scorpio ought to keep away from immoral deeds.

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